CEU Eastern Mediterranean Studies Series

CEU Eastern Mediterranean Studies Series are edited by Niels Gaul, Tijana Krstić and Volker Menze and are going to be published with CEU Press, commencing 2015.

The following titles are in preparation:

  1. Center, Province and Periphery in the Age of Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos, edited by Niels Gaul and Volker Menze
  2. Florin Leonte, Rhetoric in Purple: Imperial Representation and Ideology in the Texts of Manuel II Palaiologos
  3. “But How Shall We Converse …?” Dialogues and Debate from Late Antiquity to Late Byzantium, edited by Averil Cameron and Niels Gaul
  4. Christos Malatras, Social Structure and Relations in Fourteenth-Century Byzantium
  5. Nikoloz Aleksidze, The CEU Manual of Old Georgian

The editors welcome manuscript suggestions.  Please find the style guide attached.