EMS: Curriculum

Courses for the Advanced Certificate in Eastern Mediterranean Studies 2015-2016


Mandatory Courses

Fall Term

MEDS CC -- The Ottoman Urban Concept: Spatial Transformation and Population Changes in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Cities in the Ottoman Realm

Winter Term

MEDS TBA--Rethinking the Ottoman Magnificent Century (1480s-1590s)

HIST TBA --Borderlands in Islamic and Ottoman History

MEDS CC TBA -- The Formation of Political and Ecclesiastical theory: From Cicero to Erasmus

Elective Courses

Fall Term

MEDS 6124-- Classical Republicanism in Theory and Practice

MEDS 6125--Platonism and Indian Philosophy

MEDS 6181-- Medieval Theories of Language and Logic

HIST 5109/HIST 5110 – SRS-- Reason and Revelation

MEDS 6051--Tu regereimperiopopulos, Romane, memento: Roman Ideology and Roman Rule

PHIL 5300--Ancient Philosophy

MEDS 6056--Advanced Greek Text Reading Seminar - Reading Plotinus' treatise Against the Gnostics

MEDS 6182--Late Antique and Medieval Political Theology

MEDS TBA-- Neoplatonism and AdvaitaVedānta: an Introduction to the Problem

GENS 5420 - Gender and Nationalism


Winter Term

MEDS TBA--The Bible for Medievalists 

MEDSTBA--Scholastic Philosophy and Theology of Nature

HIST TBA--Religion and Gender

HIME TBA - Historiography II: Grand Debates on Issues of the History of Southern Europe


N.B. Please note that you can substitute elective classes with language courses according to your needs and approved by your supervisor!