CEMS Research Seminars

CEMS Research Seminars are informal, lunchtime gatherings at which CEMS members present their current or recent research in a friendly, low-stakes environment. The presentations are brief (15-20mins) and ample time is left for discussion. The idea is to become more familiar with one another's research and encourage conversations within CEMS. In this way, we hope to strengthen the internal community and benefit from the excellent scholarship in which our colleagues are engaged.


Carsten Wilke (Medieval Studies/History Department)
In Search of Hebrew Epitaphs from Medieval Constantinople

Mariya Kiprovska (Ph.D. student, Medieval studies)
Ottoman raiders (akıncı) in Europe: holy Warriors, terrible Turks, Plunderers, auxiliary Troops, opportunist Volunteers, or Slave-hunters? Making sense of the Ottoman Conquest and Slave Society


Volker Menze (Medieval Studies)
The Last Pharaoh of Alexandria: Patriarch Dioscorus and Ecclesiastical Politics in the Later Roman Empire

Robyn Radway (History Department)

The Social Lives of Soldier-Scholars: Friendship Books from Habsburg-Ottoman Battlefields and Rethinking the History of the Long Turkish War

Yektan Turkyilmaz (CEMS post-doc fellow)
Sounds of Empire: Music, Technology and Heritage across the late Ottoman World (1900-1929

Aziz Al-Azmeh (History Department)
Ex Oriente Lux

Matthias Riedl (History Department)
Devils or Allies? Representations of the Ottomans in the Early Reformation (1517-1530)

István Perczel (Medieval Studies)
Exploring the Syrian Christian and the Muslim Archives in South India: What has been done and what should be done?

Emese Muntan (Medieval Studies, Ph.D. candidate)
Global Catholicism and Early Modern Ottoman Europe

Brett Wilson (History Department )
Subduing the Saints: Sufism, Culture, and Nation in Modern Turkey

Günhan Börekçi (Medieval Studies)
Challenges of a New Research Project: Mapping out Networks of Power and Patronage Relations among the Ottoman Ruling Elite (1570s-1640s)

Baukje van den Berg (Medieval Studies)
Eustathios of Thessalonike on Homer and Excellent Oratory

Tijana Krstić (Medieval Studies)
Was there an Ottoman 'Age of Confessionalization'?: Insights gained from the OTTOCONFESSION project (2015-2020)