EMS: Curriculum

Courses for the Advanced Certificate in Eastern Mediterranean Studies 2017-2018


Mandatory Courses

Fall Term

MEDS CC -- Great Themes of Late Antique, Byzantine and Medieval Philosophy

HIST -- The Caliphates

HIST -- Nations of Empire: The Balkans after the Ottomans, Habsburgs, and Russians

HIST -- The Perfect Ambassador: International Relations and the Origins of Diplomacy (1500-1800)

Winter Term

MEDS -- The Eastern Mediterranean World: From Justinian to Muhammad

HIST -- Historiography II: Grand Debetes in Mediterranean World

Elective Courses

Fall Term

MEDS -- Late Antique And Medieval Political Theology

MEDS --Living and Dying in/on the Mediterranean: medicine, Healthcare, and Mortality from Late Antiquity to the Late Medieval Period

MEDS -- Gospels, Graffiti, Grocery Lists: Writing Culture and its Material Evidence in Antiquity and the Middle Ages

MEDS -- Byzantine Spiritual Theories 3. De oratione of Evagrius of Pontus (Advanced Greek Reading Seminar)

MEDS -- Advanced Text Reading Seminar - Syriac: The Book of the Holy Hierotheus

MEDS -- Texts and Objects: Inscriptions and Descriptions in Byzantine Literature


Winter Term

MEDS -- Memory and Oblivion - Medieval and Contemporary Concepts

MEDS -- Ottoman Text Reading Seminar

MEDS -- Greek Paleography

MEDS -- ATRS Greek - Texts of Byzantine Platonism: Proclus' Elements of Theology in Byzantium

HIST- Borderlands in Islamic History


N.B. Please note that you can substitute elective classes with language courses according to your needs and approved by your supervisor!