Cross-Confessional Diplomacy and Diplomatic Mediators in the Early Modern Mediterranean World

May 24-27, 2012 at Central European University in Budapest

Workshop Program


Thursday, May 24 (Nádor 13, Room 001)

17:30-17:40    Welcoming remarks

17:40-19:00    Inaugural Lecture by Professor Jocelyne Dakhlia (École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris)

The Question of Mediation and Defining Cultural Difference in Diplomatic Relations: Islamic Embassies in Western Europe in the Early Modern Period

19:00-19:45    Reception


Friday, 25 May (Nádor 13, Room 001)

9:30-11:00     Panel I

Moderator: László Kontler (CEU, Department of History)


E. Natalie Rothman (University of Toronto)

Trans-Imperial Subjects and the Mediation of Sovereignty in the Early Modern Mediterranean


Mathieu Grenet (Washington University in St. Louis) 

Their Masters' Voices? Muslim Envoys and Interpreters of "Oriental Languages" in France and Italy, c. 1610-c.1780


11:30-13:00   Panel II  

Moderator: Marcell Sebők (CEU, Medieval Studies) 


Maartje van Gelder (University of Amsterdam) 

Switching sides? Renegades as mediators in seventeenth-century Dutch diplomacy with North Africa


Tobias Graf (Heidelberg University)

Renegades and the ‘Secret World,’ c.1580-1610


13:00-14:30    Lunch break


15:00-16:30   Panel III  

Moderator: Tolga Esmer (CEU, History)


Mía J. Rodríguez-Salgado (London School of Economics and Political Sciences)

From the ridiculous to the sublime: contacts and diplomacy between the Spanish Monarchy and the Ottoman empire in the 1570s and 1580s


Günhan Börekçi (İstanbul Şehir University)

On the Agents and Information Networks of Diplomacy in Istanbul in the Early Seventeenth Century


17:00-18:30   Panel IV

Moderator: Carsten Wilke (CEU, Medieval Studies, History, Jewish Studies) 


Joshua Michael White (University of Michigan) 

Fatwa Diplomacy: The Ottoman Şeyhülislam as Trans-imperial Intermediary


Guillaume Calafat (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)

A “Nest of Pirates”? Diplomatic Mediators in 1670s Algiers



Saturday 26, May  (Nádor 13, Room 001)


9:30-11:00     Panel V

Moderator: Niels Gaul (CEU, Medieval Studies)


John-Paul Ghobrial (University of Cambridge)

Men Made of Paper: Eastern Christians in the Early Modern Mediterranean World


Baki Tezcan (University of California, Davis)

Ibrahim Müteferrika’s Apology for Islam


11:30-13:00   Panel VI

Moderator: TBA

Natividad Planas (Université Blaise-Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand)

A World Upside Down? The Christian Slaves of Algier between the Lord of Koukou and the King of Spain, early 1600s


Tijana Krstic (Central European University)

Mediating the Mediators: Moriscos in Ottoman and Western Diplomatic Sources from Istanbul, 1570s-1620s


13:00-14:30   Lunch break


14:30-16:00   Roundtable and closing remarks