Useful Information for Participants


The conference hotel is Medosz Hotel at H-1066 Budapest, Jókai square 9.

Transportation to the hotel and/or to CEU

You can travel to the city center by taxi or airport bus.

Taxi stand is right outside the arrivals terminal on the left-hand side. The official airport taxi is Fo Taxi and it is better not to accept the ride of taxi drivers soliciting inside. You should approach the stand and give the operator the hotel address. They will issue a ticket with your taxi number, which you will give to the driver. A ride to Medosz hotel would cost around 7500 HUF (around EUR 25) and take around 40 min, depending on traffic.

Bus 100 E is another very easy way to get to downtown. It stops in the middle between the terminals 1 and 2 (it is a tiny airport!), runs every 30 minutes, and it will take you directly to downtown, to Deak Square, which is 5 min away from CEU and about 15 min walk to the hotel. You need to buy a special ticket for this bus from the bus driver or the personnel in front of the bus. It costs 900 HUF (about 2.8 EUR, but you must have forints!).  

From Deak Ferenc Square you can either walk to Medosz hotel, and that will take you around 15 minutes, or you may take Line 1 (Yellow) metro from Deak Square (in the direction of Mexikói út) and get off after two stations at Oktogon. From Oktogon to Medosz is a 4 minute walk (see the Map 1 below).

From Medosz hotel to Central European University is a 15-minute walk (see the Map 2 below). You can also take Metro 1 from Oktogon and get off at Deak Ferenc Square from where it takes you about 7 minutes to walk to CEU (see the Map 3 below).

A single ticket for public transportation (valid for buses, metro, and tram) costs 350 HUF. You can buy tickets at the ticket vending machine at Deak Ferenc metro station. During your stay in Budapest, you do not need to buy a pass at least for the purpose of reaching CEU.  Unless you decide to walk from Medosz to CEU and back, you will need only 6 single tickets for the metro.

Changing Money

Please be aware that Hungary is not in Euro zone, so you will need to use forints. Exchange bureaus in the downtown offer much better rates than the one at the airport. If you are taking a taxi to the hotel, it is possible to pay by card, in which case do not change the money at the airport. If you decide to take a bus, we suggest changing maximum 50 EUR (c. HUF 15,000) at the airport or withdrawing that much (or less) from the ATM. Please remember that during the conference we provide all the meals (breakfast at the hotel, lunch, and dinner at the event), so you do not have to worry much about food expenses, except for possible evening drinks.

Dinner Venues

On June 2 we will have a dinner at Urban Betyar restaurant on Oktober 6 Street 16-18, 5 minutes far from our conference venue (see Map 4 below). Our final dinner will be in Koleves restaurant on Kazinczy u. 41 which is 15 minutes walk from CEU (see Map 5 below).