Aziz al-Azmeh's "Times of History: Universal Topics in Islamic Historiography" is published in Arabic

June 10, 2020

Al-Azmeh's widely known Times of History: Universal Topics in Islamic Historiography was first published in 2007. The main concerns of the work are conceptions of time and temporality, the uses of the past, historical periodisation, historical categorisation, and the constitution of historical objects, not least those called "civilisation" and "Islam". One of the aims of the book is to apply to Islamic materials the standard conceptual equipment used in historical study, and to exercise a large-scale comparativist outlook.

The Arabic version (أزمنة التاريخ: مباحث في كتابة التاريخ الإسلامي) is published by the Arab Center for Research & Policy Studies in Doha.