The Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies (CEMS) promotes the study of Mediterranean historical, philosophical, religious, imperial, and literary traditions. Its members, academic events, and research projects pursue diverse topics, ranging from ancient Greek philosophy to modern Turkish literature. Through its activities, the Center aims to foster innovative research on the region and, moreover, to sustain a community of students and scholars engaged in common intellectual pursuits. In recent years, CEMS has been involved two ERC projects: one on Religious Confessionalization in the Ottoman Empire (OTTOCONFESSION), and another on the dynamics of Jewish-Christian relations between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean (JEWSEAST).

CEMS offers students the opportunity to join the Center as members and to participate in the Advanced Certificate Program (EMS). Additionally, CEMS provides a number of student research grants each year for field work and language study.

For more information about CEMS activities or applying to participate in the CEU Advanced Certificate in Eastern Mediterranean Studies, please write to the Academic Coordinator Dr. Eda Güçlü, at

CEMS Coordinator: Eda Güçlü

CEMS Director: Brett Wilson