Best Thesis Award

CEMS grants students of the  Eastern Mediterranean Studies Specialization with the best MA thesis award at the end of each academic year. We hope that the award will encourage students for conducting outstanding research and scholarly performance.



Andrei Dumitrescu (Medieval Studies), MA thesis: The Visionary Emperor: Constantine the Great and the Archangel Michael in Late Fifteenth-Century Moldavian Representations 


Zeynep Olgun (Medieval Studies), MA thesis: A Sailor's Life for Me: The Middle Byzantine Sailor on Board and at Port


Maria Golovina (History), MA thesis Knowledge and Reciprocal Diplomacy: Alberto Vimina’s Embassy to Moscow (1655) and Ivan Chemodanov’s Embassy to Venice (1656)


Rabia Merve Demirkan Aydogan (History), MA thesis:  Schools for the Holy City: Education, Imperial Loyalty and Missionaries in Late Ottoman Jerusalem, 1876-1909


Cankat Kaplan (Medieval Studies), MA thesis: An Anti-Ibn Arabi (d. 1240) Polemicist in Sixteenth-Century Ottoman Istanbul: Ibrahim al-Halabi (d. 1549) and His Interlocutors 


Mariia Telegina (Medieval Studies), MA thesis: Ceremonial representation in cross-confessional diplomacy: the Ottoman embassy of a Christian ambassador to Moscow in 1621.