Director's Welcome

I’m delighted to welcome colleagues, students, and curious minds to join us and take part in the CEMS community as we establish a new home in the city of Vienna. Since 2004, the Center has been a forum for high-caliber research based in Budapest, where faculty and graduate students have collaborated on research projects, lecture series, workshops, and conferences on a wide range of topics related to Mediterranean history, culture, religion, and thought.

As the new director, I am glad to have the opportunity to lead the center as we break new ground in the Austrian capital. The Center looks forward to working together with our Viennese colleagues, providing new opportunities for scholarly interaction, and contributing to the rich academic and cultural life of the city.

Given the current pandemic, 2020 and 2021 promises to be a challenging year for universities, students, and all conventional forms of community life. CEMS will do its utmost to rise to the occasion and continue its activities in some shape or form, taking its lead from the deep well of inspiration that is variously called Akdeniz, al-Baḥr al-Mutawasiṭ, and Mare Nostrum. We welcome you, despite the inauspicious circumstances, to join us. 


Brett Wilson

Director of the Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies