Lectures and courses



21 May-3 June 2011            

Wojciech Kozlowski (CEU Medieval Studies PhD Candidate) teaches at Ivane Javakishvili Tbilisi State University on Approaching Politics in the Past – Capturing Otherness of Late Middle Ages;


22-28 May 2011                    

Werner Seibt (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna) gives two lectures at the National Center for Manuscripts, Tbilisi on: The Notitia Dignitatum and its Illuminations as Source for the History of the Georgian Black Sea Coast (May 24), and "Byzantine Imperialism Against Georgia in the Later 10th and 11th Centuries" (May 25);


24 August 2011                    

At the Round Table on “Restauration et Conservation des livres á Byzance”, organised by Professors Niels Gaul (CEU) and Daniele Bianconi (La Sapienza University, Rome) the following papers were delivered: a. Zaza Alexidze/Thamar Otkhmezuri, Flyleaves and Palimpsest Leaves in Codices of the Georgian National Center of Manuscripts; b. Erna Shirinyan, Restoration and Renovation of Texts: Armenian manuscripts;


End of August 2011               

Gohar Sargsyan (Doctoral Student at Yerevan State University) arrives at CEU for a four-month stay;


31 August-4 September 2011          

Niels Gaul, István Perczel, Cristian Daniel: Exploratory Trip to Baku, Azerbaijan. During 5-16 September the Directors of the project have also traveled to Tbilisi, Georgia and Yerevan, Armenia meeting scholars and students at various partner institutions;


7-10 September 2011         

31 participants attend the First Annual Workshop of the project organised at the Ivane Javakishvili Tbilisi State University, with the kind support of professors Bejan Javakhia, Head of the Department of the Medieval Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Tina Dolidze, Institute of Classical, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies;


End of September 2011       

Nino Mgebrishvili (Doctoral Student at Tbilisi State University) arrives at CEU for a three-month stay;


6-8 October 2011               

As recognition of our contribution to South Caucasian studies, the CEMS hosts the 12th General Congress of the Association Intérnationale des Études Arméniennes. Over 80 participants from all over the world congregate in Budapest for the triennial conference of the most prestigious association promoting Armenian Studies;


5-18 October 2011             

Zaza Aleksidze (Georgian National Academy of Science) spends two weeks at the CEU and gives two public lectures on: Some Lessons from Caucasian History (October 6) and The Lost Written Language of the Caucasian Albanians: discovery and decipherment (October 13);


8 October 2011                  

Edda Vardanyan (Matenadaran) gives a public lecture on: L’Évangile de Lemberg (1198): est-il l’Évangile du couronnement?;


27 October 2011                

Levon Chookaszian (Yerevan State University) delivers a public lecture on: Lights and Splendors of Armenian Book Illumination;


5-18 November 2011            

Judith Rasson (Medieval Studies Department, CEU) gives two courses on Academic Writing for Byzantinists at the Institute of Classical, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies Ivane Javakishvili State University, Tbilisi;


7-18 November 2011           

Sara Nur Yıldız (Orient-Institut Istanbul) delivers one public lecture entitled The Sultan Weds a Georgian Princess: Inter-Dynastic Marriage Ceremony, Bagratid Prestige, and the Seljuk Sultanate in the Mid-Thirteenth Century, and gives a course on Perso-Islamic Civilization and Turco-Iranian History both at the Ivane Javakishvili State University, Tbilisi;


10 November 2011              

Levan Gigineishvili (Ilia State University, Tbilisi) lectures on: Theology and Philosophy in Medieval Georgia;


14-26 November 2011          

Florin Leonte (CEU Medieval Studies PhD Candidate) teaches a six class course on Court Society and Imperial Authority in Byzantium (9th– 15th c.) at the Yerevan State University;


25 November 2011                

Zaza Skhirtladze (Tbilisi State University) lectures on: Georgians in Constantinople: the Evidence of Illuminated Manuscripts;


26 November-4 December 2011       

György Geréby (Medieval Studies Department, CEU) gives two lectures on: Early Christian Political Theology at the Faculty of Theology, Yerevan State University (November 29) and In the Workshop of an Orthodox Apocryphon: The Protoevangelium Jacobi at the Matenadaran (December 1);


29 November 2011               

Mübariz Xəlilov (Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, Baku) gives one seminar on: Early Medieval Archaeological Monuments of Caucasian Albania;


2 December 2011               

Two public lectures by Anahit Avagyan (Matenadaran/Yerevan State University) on: A case study in early medieval "transformation" of Greek patristic literature Athanasius in Armenian and Bejan Javakhia (Tbilisi State University) on Georgia and Europe in the Early Middle Ages;


7 December 2011               

Farah Huseyn (Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences/ Baku State University) delivers an in-house seminar paper on: Ottoman-Safavid relations in the 16th century: the main factors, stages and aftermath.


March-July 2012              

 Annegret Lüning (University of Jena) teaches a one semester class (15 lectures) on “Vestments in the Greek and Roman World” at Tbilisi State University


12–26 May 2012        

Viktor Ilievski (CEU Philosophy PhD Candidate) teaches a six-class course on The treatment of the problem of evil in Antiquity at Tbilisi State University


12–14 Sep 2012

Thomas Mathews (New York University) gives three lectures at Yerevan State University on “Icons in Early Armenia” and “The Secrets of the Gospel of Gagik-Abas (J2556)”


7–10 Sep 2012           

30 participants attend the second annual workshop of the project initially organised at Yerevan State University and the Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts/Matenadaran. Due to the diplomatic situation the workshop successfully reconvenes at a hotel in the city demonstrating, at the same time, the importance of this project


17 Sep 2012               

Anna Christidou (CEMS, CEU) lectures at Tbilisi State University on “Late Medieval Albania (Balkans): a crossroads of cultures and patrons”


Sep 2012                    

Varduhi Kyureghyan (Yerevan State University) and Irma Khositashvili (Tbilisi State University) arrive at CEU for a three-month stay (as pre-doctoral fellows)


15–30 Nov 2012        

Dragoş Gh. Năstăsoiu (CEU Medieval Studies PhD Candidate) teaches a six-class course on Style Analysis as a Method of Art Historical Research at the Department of Art History, Tbilisi State University


21 Nov 2012              

Irene Tinti (University of Pisa) lectures on “The Armenian Platonic Dossier: a Multidisciplinary Approach” at CEU


23 Nov 2012              

Erna Shirinian (Yerevan State University/Matenadaran) deliveres a public lecture on “Philosophical Developments in Armenia during the Middle Ages” at CEU


27 Mar 2013               

Tamar Pataridze (University of Louvain) delivers a public lecture on “Literary exchanges between the Christian Middle East and the Caucasus in late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Example of reception of Isaac of Nineveh’s (7th cent.) work in Georgia” at CEU


28 Mar 2013               

Nino Kavtaria (National Center of Manuscripts, Tbilisi) gives a public lecture on “The Patronage of the Atabag Court and the Georgian Miniature Painting of the 15th-16th centuries” at CEU


1–2 Apr 2013          

Niels Gaul (CEU Medieval Studies) gives two lectures on “Teaching from the Margins: the Purpose and Function of Scholia in Byzantine Schoolbooks” and “The Lincoln College Typikon: a Late Byzantine Manuscript and its Cultural Implications Revisited” at Tbilisi State University


6–24 Apr 2013           

András Kraft (CEU Medieval Studies PhD Candidate) travels to Tbilisi and Yerevan; while in Tbilisi he teaches a five-meeting tutorial course on Medieval Discussions of the Eternity of the World at Tbilisi State University


7 May 2013                

Tina Dolidze (Tbilisi State University) lectures on “An Outline of Old Georgian Ecclesiastical Literature as Reflection of Byzantine Spirituality” at CEU


14 May 2013              

Thamar Otkhmezuri (National Centre of Manuscripts, Tbilisi) gives a public lecture on “Georgian Manuscripts of the Eleventh to Thirteenth Centuries: Codicological Reviews” at CEU


15 May 2013              

Two public lectures in the framework of the CEMS organised workshop on “Post-Byzantine” Art: Orthodox Christian Art in a “Non-Byzantine” World?  by Edda Vardanyan (Matenadaran, Yerevan) on “Textes et images de la version arménienne du Roman d’Alexandre: expression de l’idéologie du pouvoir”and Zaza Skhirtladze (Tbilisi State University) on “Unbroken paths of communication: Patterns of Patronage in Sixteenth-century Georgian Art” 


Jun 2013                     

Andrea Schmidt gives a public lecture on the “Evolution and Extension of the Syriac Alphabet” at Tbilisi State University


1 Jun 2013                  

Two conference presentations in the framework of the 2013 CEMS graduate conference on Tradition and Transformation: Dissent and Consent in the Mediterranean by Nikoloz Aleksidze (Free University of Georgia) on “Three ‘Heretical’ Men and a Dog: The Oral Narratives of the Caucasian Schism” and Mikayel Hovhannisyan (Yerevan State University) on “Adaptation of Concepts of Antiquity in Medieval Muslim Social Philosophy on the Example of the Epistles of Brethren of Purity” 


29–31 Aug 2013         

29 participants attend the third annual workshop of the project organised in Istanbul, Turkey at the Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations, Koç University. The workshop successfully convened at a time of social and political unrest in the city, fuelled by the Gezi Park protests


Sep 2013                    

Garnik Harutyunyan arrives at CEU for a three-month stay (as pre-doctoral fellow)


23 & 25 Sep 2013      

Gábor Buzási lectures at Ilia State University, Tbilisi, on September 23, 2013 ("Platonic Eros in Late Antique Judaism and Paganism"), and at the International Conference "Byzantine Studies in Georgia - 4") in Batumi, on September 25, 2013 ("Emperor Julians solar theology and its Byzantine reception") 


17 Oct 2013                

The CEU Source Language Teaching Group and CEMS organize an Armenian Movie Night showing a documentary film by Edgar Bagdasaryan, “From Ararat to Zion”; The film is introduced by Garnik Harutyunyan 


2-14 Nov 2013           

Judith Rasson (Medieval Studies Department, CEU) lectures on Academic Writing at the Institute of Classical, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies Ivane Javakishvili State University, Tbilisi 


13 Nov 2013              

Anna Ohanjanyan delivers a public lecture on “The Reasons for holy-days – Medieval Armenian Collections of Exegetical Gems” at CEU


28 Nov 2013              

Anna Ohanjanyan delivers a second public lecture on “The Manuscript the Key of Truth – A Clue to Antiquity or a Riddle Text of Modern Times” at CEU


1 Mar 2014                 

Irma Karaulashvili arrives at CEU for a two-month research fellowship


30 Mar – 12 Apr 2014

Roman Shlyakhtin travels to Tbilisi; while there he teaches a six-meeting tutorial course on “Barbarians inside!? Internal Diasporas in the twelfth-century Byzantium” at Ilia State University


1 Apr 2014                 

Nikoloz Aleksidze arrives at CEU for a one-month research fellowship


9 May 2014                

Levon Chookaszian and Zaza Skhirtladze participate in a round table a CEU on the “Art History of the South Caucasus 


5 Jul 2014                   

Nikoloz Aleksidze gives a paper on “Dialogues in the marchlands and the arbiter kings: examples from the eleventh-century Georgian, Armenian and Byzantine border region” during a conference on “Dialogues and Debates from Late Antiquity to Late Byzantium” organized by CEMS at Keble College, Oxford University


18 Oct 2014                

Rismag Gordeziani takes part in the CEMS Board Meeting at CEU


28–30 Nov 2014        

23 participants attend the concluding workshop of the project organised at CEU in Budapest


1 – 14 Dec 2014         

Mihail Mitrea travels to Yerevan and Tbilisi; he teaches a tutorial course on “Greek Paleography and Byzantine Manuscript Studies” at the Matenadaran, Yerevan and at Tbilisi State University


8 – 19 Jan 2015          

Máté Veres travels to Tbilisi; he lectures at the Institute for Classical, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies at Tbilisi State University, on the topic of “Consensus and disagreement in Hellenistic philosophical theology” and at Ilia State University on “A late Platonist theory of rationality in Emperor Julian’s Contra Galilaeos”


Jan 2015                     

Anna Ohanjanyan and Nikoloz Aleksidze travel to Budapest to work on the project syllabi