Dutch Research Council (NWO), Beyond the Fathers Project, Workshop No. III 

Christian Historiography between Empires (4th–8th Centuries)

October 24–25, 2014 at Central European University in Budapest

Workshop Program


Friday, 24 October (Nádor 9, Popper Room)

9:30–9:45 Welcome: Volker Menze (CEU) 

9:45-10:00 Introductory remarks: Hagit Amirav (VU, Amsterdam), István Perczel (CEU)   

10:00  Keynote Lecture

Roger Scott (University of Melbourne)
Malalas and the New Age of Justinian

11:00–11:15 Coffee break


Session 1: Deconstructing Stereotypes

Chair: Volker Menze (CEU)

11:15 Phil Booth (University of Oxford)
Coptic Narratives from Roman to Islamic Rule: The Chronicle of John of Nikiu

11:40 Nikoloz Alexidze (University of Oxford)
Narrating about the Beginnings: The Interpretive Schemata of Caucasian History

12:05 Nino Doborjginidze (Ilia State University, Tbilisi)
Stereotypes (topoi) of Medieval Georgian Historiography

12:30–13:00 Discussion


13:00–14:30 Lunch break


Session 2: Genres and Methods

Chair: Averil Cameron (University of Oxford)

14:30 Jan Van Ginkel (VU, Amsterdam)
What Makes a Good Story? Alexander as an Exemplum for Readers Then and Now

14:55 Zara Pogossian (John Cabot University, Rome)
The Contents and Methodological Considerations on Early Armenian Literary Production

15:20 István Perczel (CEU)
Hagiography as a Historiographic Genre: from Eusebius to Cyril of Scythopolis, Eustratius of Constantinople and John Moschus

15:45–16:15 Discussion


Saturday, 25 October (Nádor 9, Popper Room)

Session 3: Quellenforschung

Chair: Johannes Den Heijer (University of Louvain)

9:30 Maria Conterno (Ghent University)
Historiography across the Borders: the Case of Islamic Material in Theophanes’ Chronographia

9:55 Christian Boudignon (Aix-Marseille University)
The Source of the 1st Part of Patriarch Nicephorus’s Breviarium (Ἱστορία σύντομος): Ideology, Milieu and Date

10:20 Amir Harrak (University of Toronto)
The Making of a Syriac Chronicler: The Case of the Chronicler of Zuqnin

10:45–11:15 Discussion

11:15–11:30 Coffee break


Session 4: Social and Ideological Context

Chair: Hagit Amirav (VU, Amsterdam)

11:30 György Geréby (CEU)
Eusebius of Caesarea and the Normative History of the Christian Empire

11:55 Sergey Minov (University of Oxford)
Rewriting Scripture as an Exercise in Counter-History: Evidence of the Cave of Treasures

12:20 Niels Gaul (CEU)
The Aftermath of “Senatorial Historiography”: From Theophanes to Theophanes Continuatus

12:45–13:15 Discussion


13:15–15:00 Lunch break


15:00  Keynote Lecture

Robert Hoyland (New York University)
History Writing in the Time of Islam's Beginnings

16:00–16:15 Coffee break


16:15–16:45 Johannes Den Heijer (University of Louvain)
The International Copto-Arabic Historiography Project (ICAHP)


16:45 Round Table Discussion and Concluding Remarks