Courses for the Advanced Certificate in Eastern Mediterranean Studies 2016-2017


Mandatory Courses

Fall Term

MEDS CC -- Texts and Communities (Bernard)

MEDS CC -- Global Comparisons: Russia and the Ottoman Empire, 1453-1839/in the Early Modern Period (Krstic, Hannings)

Winter Term

MEDS CC -- Early Christianity (Gereby, Menze)

MEDS CC -- The "Seventeenth-century Crisis" in Comparative Perspective (Borekci)

Elective Courses

Fall Term

HIME TS -- Empires (Esmer. Bernard)

MEDS -- Bible for Medievalists (Gereby)

MEDS -- Medieval Architecture (Szakacs)

MEDS -- Eastern Christians in the Ottoman Empire, 14th-18th  Centuries (Krstic)

MEDS -- Politics, philosophy, theology and the art of writing in the Roman Empire in the fifth-sixth centuries (Perczel)

MEDS -- Crusades – Ideology and Practice (11th–13th century) (Ziemann)

HIST -- Advanced Arabic Source Reading in Historiography (Al-Bagdadi)

HIST -- Everyday Life History In Empire and Beyond (Esmer)

HIST -- Foundations I: Religion and State (Al-Azmeh)

HIST -- Foundations II: Religion and Secularism - Comparative Perspectives (Al-Bagdadi)

HIST -- From Atatürk to Erdoğan: Political History of Modern Turkey (Wilson)

ATRS – Greek: Hagiographic and historiographic texts from the 6th-7th centuries (Cyril of Scythopolis,  John Moschus, Procopius and Evagrius Scholasticus) (1 cr) (Perczel)

ATRS – Life, Love, and Death in Latin Inscriptions (1 cr) (Gaspar)

Winter Term

HIME -- Historiography II: Grand Debates on Issues of the History of Mediterranean (Wilson)

MEDS -- Byzantine Art and the West (Szakacs)

MEDS -- Examining the Theatocracy: Drama and Politics in the Ancient World (White)

MEDS -- Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite: The History of a Literary Fiction from the Fifth to the Thirteenth Century in East and West (Perczel)

MEDS -- Ancient Atomism and its Critics (White)

HIST -- Orthodox Traditions in the East of Europe and Beyond (4cr) (Dmitriev)

HIST -- The Early Modern Habsburg Monarchy: Dynastic Agglomeration, Composite Monarchy, Fiscal-Military State (4 cr) (Mata)

HIST -- Divine Love in Religious History (Wilke)

HIST -- The Middle East in the Age of Nationalism & Imperialism (1798 -1922) (4 cr) (Papuccular)

ATRS – Greek/Syriac: Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite, excerpts from the Corpus (1cr) (Perczel)

ATRS – Greek: Byzantine Liturgical Poetry: The Early Hymnographers (1cr) (Bernard)


N.B. Please note that you can substitute elective classes with language courses according to your needs and approved by your supervisor!