Please note that the course list might be subject to slight changes!


Ottoman-European Diplomatic Relations in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Era (Günhan Börekci, 4 cr)

Sources, Methods and New Perspectives in Ottoman History, 14th-17th Centuries (CC&Tutorial, Günhan Börekci, 4 cr)

Everyday Life History in Empire and Beyond (Seminar&Lecture, Tolga Esmer, 4 cr)

Students and Scholars in Byzantium: Education and Erudition in the Medieval World (CC&Tutorial, Baukje van den Berg, 4 cr)

History of Dogma: From the Early Christian Times to the Reformation – East and West (CC&Tutorial, István Perczel, 4 cr)


Empires (TS III, Tolga Esmer, Daniel Ziemann, 2 cr)

Jewish Memory from the Exodus to the Holocaust (Carsten Wilke, 2 cr)

Problems and Paradigms in Jewish Studies (Carsten Wilke, 2 cr)

Greek Reading Seminar I (István Bodnár, 2 cr)


Great Themes of Late Antique, Byzantine and Medieval Philosophy (Geréby-Perczel, CC&Tutorial,4 cr)

Eastern Christians in the Ottoman Empire, 14th-18th Centuries (Tijana Krstic, CC&Tutorial,4 cr)


The “Seventeenth-Century Crisis” in Comparative Perspective: European and Ottoman Experiences (Günhan Börekci, 2 cr)

Advanced Source Readings in Ottoman, Historiography (15th-17th Centuries) ( Günhan Börekci, 2 cr)

Royal Courts and Courtiers in Comparative Perspective (Günhan Börekci, 2 cr)

Sufism in Islamic History (Brett Wilson, 2cr)

Crisis and Renewal in Ottoman History (Brett Wilson, Tolga Esmer, 2 cr)

Modern History of the Middle East: Imperial and Post-Imperial Formations (Aziz al-Azmeh, 2 cr)

Historiography II: Grand Debates in Mediterranean History (Tolga Esmer, Baukje van den Berg, 2 cr)

The Bible for Medievalists (György Geréby, 2 cr)

The Age of Constantine: The Later Roman Empire in the Making (Dora Ivanisevic, 2 cr)

Greek Reading Seminar II (István Bodnár, 2 cr)

Late Antique and Medieval Theories of Language (György Geréby, 2 cr)

*Please note that elective courses can be substituted by language courses not featured in this list. With any such request please contact Sona Grigoryan (grigoryans@ceu.edu) and your supervisor.